1/4/2014 patch notes

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1/4/2014 patch notes Empty 1/4/2014 patch notes

Post by Luciferx on Sat Jan 04, 2014 7:16 pm

Drakulv disiple added to Mal.

          DF -  Added alot of the missing mobs, Including the ones leading up the the Prince rooms.
                  Seal drop rate on diamonds improved.  old rate 20 - 30 % on loop mobs  Now 80 - 90%.
                  Knights, Umbrood warriors, now have a chance to drop 1 to 2 diamond seals.

           Umbral Hulks - Name changed to Uber Hulks - due to a bug that kept them dropping far to many seals,
                               when named changed and loot set back drop rate worked right. I'm guessing there is a
                               base umbral hulk loot template in the date base that is not being changed by in game
                               changes to it.

           Gatekeeper - Now deals more dmg and has more hp.
                             Gatekeeper bracer of bedlam added
                             gatekeeper bracer of anarchy added
                             gatekeeper bracer of chaos added
                             gatekeeper bracer of oblivion added
                             Procs added

          Director Kobil - drops changed, removed directors ring of chaos alb and hib from loot list.  Had same
                               stats as mid version.  With 3 difrent items of same name on same mob, caused it to drop
                               more often than the other 3.  Added sapphire seals to his drops.

          Chthonic knights - slightly increased in power.

          Inquisitors -  Added to game, same drop rate on seals as Knights.

         Mid dragon - Staff of ageless power added, Gjal claw added.
Added a good bit of the missing procs to mid items.

I will slowly be increasing aggro range of the higher level mobs to keep players from running through those areas and not drawing aggro.

PLS NOTE - if you find a item that is missing Proc / charges send me a tell in game, a PM on forums, or make a post in the bug section and I will fix it as soon as I see it.


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