Patch Notes 12/17/2013

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Patch Notes 12/17/2013 Empty Patch Notes 12/17/2013

Post by JonathonGM on Tue Dec 17, 2013 5:33 pm

Midgard: 18 items added to dragon. More will be getting added later so this note will be updated sometime later today.
Bloodfrost Battle Spear
Soulbinder's Belt
Flame Wrought Cloak
Dragon Bone Bracer
Dragonscale Bracelet
Dragontooth Bracelet
Flame Wrought Ring
Frigid Dragonslayer Jerkin
Hauberk of Valhalla
Icebreaker Gauntlets
Lost Hauberk of Niflheim (Healer version)
Lost Hauberk of Niflheim (Tank version)
Royal Dragonslayer Gloves
Royal Dragonslayer's Jerkin
Runed Asgardian Vest
Runed Saga Etched Shield
Dragonscale Chain Boots
Frigid Soul Quencher


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