Patchnote 1/8/14

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Patchnote 1/8/14 Empty Patchnote 1/8/14

Post by Mannik on Wed Jan 08, 2014 9:55 am

World Notes:
Mobs now have a chance to drop Socket Gems.
        These new items can be droped on armor that have the [] bonus. Dropping these items on said item will cause the item to  gain the socket gem's bonus

ROG should now have a chance to have sockets (a bonus that looks like  [] + 1) I have seen items with up to 3 sockets to far. There is the posibility for up to 5 if i scripted it correctly.

A new weapon type is possible to drop from ROG.  It looks exactly like fist wraps, but maulers cant use them. They are Claws, items that can only be used by the Werewolf (Currently unreleased) class.

ROG Realm calculator has changed. From a 33% for a realm, to a new formula. Should equal 50% killer(group leader) realm, 25% other realms.

Stat Cap has been raised from 75(101) to 300!

Resist Cap has been raised from 26 to 30!!

Rogs are 2x more likely to drop

Most mobs are now charmable.

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